Tutorial series by Sifterpivoter.

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Tutorial series by Sifterpivoter. Empty Tutorial series by Sifterpivoter.

Post by sifterpivoter on Mon Jul 08, 2013 4:42 pm

This is my tutorial series. It's layout looks pretty poor and I'm sorry, I will work on this later.
As for the tutorials, I'll make some stuff clear:
-My tutorials will be as .doc files that can be downloaded.
-I tried to make my tutorials as short and as clear as possible so anyone can understand them.
-All of the tutorials will follow the same layout.
-These tutorials will be as youtube videos once I covered these:
-Removing stiffness
-Foot placement
-Natural poses
-Make sure to pm or comment in here if any link's broken.
-Try to tell me what do you think about the tutorial and ask question if you didn't get something.
-Read carefuly.
-Might give some tips and trick of my own from tim to time after getting the tutorials down.
Nevertheless, here's what i have so far:

Tutorial series by Sifterpivoter. V6Uj62v

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Tutorial series by Sifterpivoter. Empty Re: Tutorial series by Sifterpivoter.

Post by ajS on Tue Jul 09, 2013 4:43 pm

Nice Tutorial Man, continue it

Tutorial series by Sifterpivoter. PA_Signature_2
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