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Post by Nide on Sat Jul 27, 2013 8:07 pm

Within 7 Days this forum will be closed and the link you have for it will redirect to Shuniu: West's forum index page.

PivotAnimators recently merged from their database into Shuniu: West's own, making them part of Shuniu West's Forum Community. Every member here is a member there. Also if you have password issues please LET ME KNOW. I can't do anything other than hope you change the password yourself. Like I said, in a weeks time the forum will close down and redirect to Shuniu: West.

It's highly advised that you start posting on Shuniu West now. When the board is closed any posts made after the merger on 7/24/13 will not save. So this message i'm writing is practically temporary itself.

Link to Shuniu: West -

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