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Post by ~tmR on Sat Jan 19, 2013 2:39 pm

About Store

In Store forum we can make our own shops like Stick Shop, Sig name Shop etc. These items in your shop can be purchased with Animator Points.

How to purchase something

If you want to purchase something from Stores you should send PM to Administrator guy. They'll decrease the points from purchasing guy and increase the Shop owner's points.

Your PM must have the following things:
~ Store URL
~ Number of the Points you should give

Example Message:
Someone wrote:
[url]Store link here[/url]
I want to buy ..... with ... points.
Well that's it.

For Admins, how to decrease and increase someone's points

That's really easy.

1. Administration Panel (advanced mode)
2. Modules Tab
3. Points donation (on the left, under Points and reputation)
4. Search for the member in question
5. Enter the new value in the 'New value' box

If you want to decrease someone's points then all you need to do is to type a number that is lower than the current points.

Thanks for your attention! Happy shopping, guys cheers !

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