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Post by Slipstream on Sat Apr 13, 2013 8:31 am

His life used to be a happy one. After being stuck with him for what seems like years, I should know. I don’t blame him any longer for what has transpired between us, but I can’t allow this to happen any longer. He must be stopped before I’m hurt, or worse. My current situation came to be because of the events of that day.

Life was good, leading up to that moment. I was doing well in life, finally got my chance to help direct the new animated series our studio was making. Being one of the newer personnel, this was a HUGE deal for me. I was walking home, as I had missed the bus to get home. I did not have a car at that moment in time, and everyone other than the janitor had left home, as I had stayed to work on some things in the office for a bit. It wasn’t like my home was far, or anything, so I decided to walk the 5 blocks to my home. About 10 minutes, if my memory serves right.

Of course, in retrospect, this probably wasn’t the smartest thing to do. A young woman walking around a city at around midnight is just asking for trouble. I didn’t see the issue, at the time, though. As I was nearing my house, I noticed the faint sound of footsteps behind me. It shouldn’t have mattered to me; I didn’t care about my surroundings at the time, being tired from the day’s excitement.

But, I noticed it. I was a block and a half away from my house. The footsteps become louder. My slow walking speed picked up, as did the person’s behind me. One block away. My breathing quickened, as I began to enter a slow jog. Being as my studio has no dress code, I was in jeans and sneakers, so I didn’t mind jogging. But neither did he. I heard the footsteps getting closer, picking up speed just as I was. I was almost at my home, just a few more yards, if my distance judging was right. I was going to make it.I knew it. I was going to make it.

It was only when I got to the stairs to the apartment complex I resided at did I realize that I was caught. I never stood a goddamn chance, and he knew it. He allowed me to get as close as I did to the door. I wanted to scream my heart out. Kick and scream until I couldn’t anymore, until he left and help arrived. I was already imagining the scenario, my neighbors hearing my cries for help, calling the police, them taking this poor excuse for a man away in cuffs.

The moment he grabbed me, however, all scenarios I had already planned out disappeared into thin air. I froze. His hand was over my mouth, and I could taste the city of Hatley, every dark alleyway, every disgusting crevice, every horrid person lurking in this city’s shadows. I couldn’t even muster the strength to whimper. How vulnerable I must have seemed to him at the time.

I don’t know what it was about him that made me stop everything. It was like he had a spell cast on me, a spell that would make me obey his every command. And his command now was to not utter a peep. With a quick strike to the back of my head, I was out cold. I imagine he carried me back to his evil villain’s lair, a mess of secret switches and triggers, not different from the ones in Batman comics and the like. But that would be highly unlikely, so I can only imagine he had an unmarked van waiting, or something similar to that.

How I ended up in that basement is beyond me, but I do know what happened when I woke up from my forced sleep. I was tied to a chair, which was affixed to the ground below with bolts and the like. I remember looking up and staring into his eyes. Those eyes, there was something about them. Something so familiar, something that makes me long for something lost in the past.

Just a story I'm working on. Still needs a damn title :c

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